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Equipment Essentials

Reliable, cutting-edge equipment is a key factor for success in the horizontal directional drilling field. Turner management has never been timid about investing in the machinery, tools and vehicles necessary for getting the job done. We research and stay up-to-speed on industry trends and technological advancements to make purchases which best position our company for current and future business. Regular turnover and upgrading of equipment ensures that our customers’ receive consistent industry-leading results with minimum downtimes and high efficiency. Every piece of equipment we bring to a job site is owned and maintained by us and many of our rigs have been customized to specifications unique to our workflow requirements and processes.



Turner Owned Equipment

Directional Drills:

(1) American Auger 440T - Maxi Rig - 440,000 lbs thrust/pullback [photos]

(1) Ditch Witch JT100 - 100,000 lbs thrust/pullback   [photos]  
(1) Ditch Witch JT8020 - 80,000 lbs thrust/pullback    [photos]
(1) American Augers DD - 6-60,000 lbs thrust/pullback
(4) Ditch Witch JT3020 - 30,000 lbs thrust/pullback    [photo]
(2) Ditch Witch JT2720 - 27,000 lbs thrust/pullback

(1) Ditch Witch 4020AT-40,000 lbs thrust/pullback


Auger-Bore & Jacking:

(2) D36/48-750MB-Torque-116,788 ft-lb; Speed-1,401,464 in-lb

(1) American Auger 60: Torque-108,832 ft-lbs; Speed-147,557 in-lb


Drill Fluid Mixing & Cleaning Systems:

(1) Mud Technology MCT450—450 gallons per minute   [photos]
(1) STS Mud Mixer Model M-750L—750 gallons per minute

(1) MCS 355 - 480 gallons per minute

(1) MCS 1000 - 700 gallons per minute   [photos]


Excavators & Backhoe Loaders:

(1) John Deer 230 LC—24 ft dig depth, 16,000 lb lifting capacity
(1) John Deere 310SE—14.5 ft dig depth, 7000 lb loader lifting capacity

(1) John Deere 200DLC Excavator


Fusion Equipment:

(1) T.D. Williamson CentreFuse 618/500, Centerline Butt Fusion Machine—8” IPS thru 18” DIPS
(1) McElroy No.28, Butt Fusion Machine—4” IPS thru 8” DIPS
(1) Connectra 28 CQ, Close-Quarters Butt Fusion Machine—2” IPS thru 8” DIPS
(1) McElroy Pit Bull 14, Butt Fusion Machine—1” IPS thru 4” DIPS


Service Trucks:

(3) GMC Utility Body 7500 Series
(1) Ford Utility F450 Series—1 ton

(2) Kenworth T-300 Utility Trucks

(1) GMC Utility Body 3500 Series

(1) Chev Utility Body 3500 Series


Specialized Tooling:

(1) DCI DigiTrak F5 SST Advanced HDD Wireline Guidance System    [photos]
(4) DCI DigiTrak F2, Directional Drilling Walkover Location System—90 ft depth / 1800+ ft telemetry
(1) DCI DigiTrak Eclipse, HDD inGround Positioning System—60 ft depth/1800 ft telemetry range    [photos]
(1) Hardrock HDD Steerable Pneumatic Rock Hammer—5-1/4 in
(1) Adtech Patriot HDD Bent Sub Downhole Motor—5-1/2 in


Vacuum Trucks & Trailers:

(1) Keith Huber—800 gallon    [photos]
(1) Vermeer—800 gallon
(1) Ditch Witch—800 gallon [photo]
(1) Ditch Witch—500 gallon

(1) Peterbilt 378-3,000 gallon


Water Tanker & Mix Trucks:

(4) Kenworth Tri-Axle—80,000 lb gvw    [photos]
(2) Mack Tri-Axle—80,000 lb gvw


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