Turner Underground Installations, Inc.

Our History

After nearly two decades of experience in the construction industry, Robert Turner, founder of Turner Underground Installations, began to hear about a new “trenchless” digging technology birthed from the diverse oil drilling industry.  Through some initial research Bob learned that there was little or no directional drilling being utilized in the northeast.  After speaking with several equipment manufacturers, what began as simple curiosity quickly turned into action.  He decided to make a trip out west to witness several drilling projects and gather practical job site information.  Upon his return, Bob purchased Turner’s first piece of equipment, a UTI directional driller capable of boring up to 8-inches in diameter and to 400 linear feet.  Within one month the company had landed its first contract in excess of $1 million.


From the start, Bob was determined to take on unique, challenging projects—a category for which every job seemed to fall under initially.  Within five years, Turner had drilled more than a thousand miles underground for projects in New Jersey, Illinois, Alabama and Massachusetts.  Today, Bob’s assertive philosophy continues to be an instrumental factor for expanding capabilities of the business and differentiating Turner from the competition.


Our Mission

Turner is resolved in its mission to educate professionals in businesses and industries in the utility sector on the expanding array of benefits which can be derived from broader implementation of directional drilling into project workflows and the diversity of applications for which the technology can be employed.  The company remains committed to its application of cutting-edge industry advancements and procedures in the field and its investments into the latest drilling tools, technologies and equipment.  Turner will maintain its dedication for conducting all drilling operations to the highest industry safety standards and protocols at all job site and work environments.


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