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Gas Main Crossing of Allegheny River Olean, NY

NYSEG / Avangrid proposed gas transmission line, Project Number 2150060.029 replacement crossing beneath Allegheny River in Olean, New York, proposed for the installation by horizontal directional drilling (HDD) a 900 feet of 8-inch HDPE gas main.

The crossing site is located in Cattaraugus County, goes under W Riverside Road and the Allegheny River to the south of South 8th Street. NYSEG’s existing 4-inch pipeline was leaking over the years and had become a serious safety issue. It will be abandoned in place and filled with grout.

We retained a guidance engineer to facilitate the pilot bore, the wire line and mud pressure as requested as part of the ACOE navigational waters permit.  After obtaining all required tooling, the pilot hole progressed, at about 600 – ft., began to veer off course. The pilot bore operation had to stop until alternate solution is found. In the meantime NYSEG ordered grouting of the pilot bore hole.

TUGI, Inc. recommended to progress the pilot bore from north to south. After a week of deliberation, TUGI’s recommendation was accepted and the Ditch Witch JT 100 drill rig and MDS 355 Recycler were moved to the north side. The guidance engineer was brought in to help facilitate the pilot bore. The pilot bore, pre-reaming and the pulling of the pipe were successfully completed in about two weeks.

The general contractor (GC) was Liberty Underground Installations, Inc. The GC did an outstanding job in providing access to the treacherous drill site and work platform for the drilling operation. The GC’s fusion crew was very efficient and cooperative during the pipe pulling process.

TUGI’s thorough planning, drill crew’s wealth of experience and the GC’s unconditional support helped complete this 900 feet of 8-inch HDPE safely, on time and as planned.



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