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Globalfoundries Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline

National Grid secured approval to reinforce their natural gas pipeline network in the Capital Region through construction of a four-mile, 12-inch line to help meet the expanding energy demands at Globalfoundries. Globalfoundries, a semiconductor fabricator with manufacturing plants in Singapore, Germany, California and New York, specializes in the high volume manufacture of integrated circuits. The company uses natural gas in their chip manufacturing processes to regulate the temperature of advanced purified water systems.


Under a contract with Feeney Brothers Excavating, Inc., Turner Underground Installations bored and installed nearly 7000 linear feet of 12-inch steel pipe casing for this natural gas pipeline project in under four months.


As is often the case on longer drills, numerous challenges presented themselves throughout the project. Mixed ground conditions required greater drill depths in areas as well as drilling through rock. Challenging physical attributes of the terrain provided limited access for our equipment at times and presented several tight-quarter stagings. Saturated soil conditions and a high water table required additional pumping capabilities to handle dewatering throughout the project. Drilling in close proximity to densely populated residential areas posed its own unique set of considerations which made water collection and containment even more critical. Special coordination with the EPA ensured that the impact on various protected species across the entire construction site was minimized.


As with many construction projects the National Grid gas line project was on an extremely compressed timeframe which made coordination and scheduling with the GC and other trades at the site a key imperative. When all was said and done, Turner overcame each obstacle and met all deliverables and requirements within schedule and on budget.


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