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Markwest Energy Partners, LP Project

Owner, Markwest Energy Partners proposed a project in Doddridge and Wetzel Counties in West Virginia. Their proposal includes new piping to be installed by horizontal directional drilling (HDD). In total there would be around 2,000 linear feet of 20-inch steel gas main installed. Design Engineer was Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.


There were two drilling sites for this proposed project. One of the sites required a 900 linear feet length of pipe to be drilled under US Rte. 50 and the other site required a 1,100 linear feet length of pipe is to be drilled under State Rte. 23.


Meridien Energy called upon Turner Underground Installations, Inc. (TUGI) to install around 1,100 linear feet of 20-inch steel gas main in rock under US Rte.50. TUGI’s American-Augers 440T drill rig and AAMCD-1000 Reclaimer were utilized to complete this project.


Working alongside main highways/roadways presented a greater difficulty of work. The crews had to be extra observant and cautious when dealing with busy roadways like US Rte.50. But through the skill of TUGI’s crews they were able to work alongside these roadways without incident.


With the help of TUGI’s well trained and experienced crew, another project was successfully finished on time.


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