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Selkirk Fire Service Main

We received a call from a Project Manager (PM) from DelSignore Blacktop Paving, Inc. The PM stated that TUGI, Inc. was highly recommended to him by a Superintendent from Casale Construction, Inc., to whom we have provided HDD services. The PM asked if we would consider reviewing a project which he has in Selkirk, NY. The Selkirk project requires installing a 1,600 LF of 26” PE fire water main under Noryl Drive by open trench method. The PM asked if it was feasible to bore the entire length of 1,600 LF in one piece. Turner Underground Installations Inc. suggested meeting on site with the client’s engineers to explore the HDD option. After a lengthy discussion, the client’s engineers decided to proceed with the HDD option.


The client, SABIC Innovative Plastics, LLC was in the process of expanding their manufacturing facility and needed to upgrade the fire water main. All Turner Underground Installations Inc. crews had to review and pass SABIC’s facility policy and strict background check requirements.


The project site had ample open area at both the entry and exit locations. Turner Underground Installations Inc. subcontracted the fusion portion of the work to RCAC in order to focus better on the drilling preparation.


The geotechnical borings at several locations indicated the existence of clay to a depth of 50 ft. to 100 ft. The clay was so thick our reclaimer’s pumps were not able to pump it to the tank. Turner Underground Installations Inc. had to rent a bigger and more powerful external pump to solve the problem. Because of the 26” diameter pipe and length of the bore Turner Underground Installations Inc. decided to utilize its newly acquired American Auger 440T Maxi Rig and MCS 1000 Reclaimer. The general contractor, DelSignore Blacktop Paving, LLC did a good job in providing access to the secured facility and maintaining a very high safety procedure. Turner Underground Installations Inc.’s crew leader received a very high and positive recommendation from the general contractor’s Safety Officer.


Turner Underground Installations Inc. thorough planning, drill crew’s wealth of experience and the GC’s unconditional support helped complete this 1,600 feet, 26 inch HDPE pipe safely, on time and as planned.


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