Turner Underground Installations, Inc.

Services & Capabilities

Turner Underground Installation’s drilling capabilities consist of four primary disciplines: directional drilling, hammer drilling, pipe bursting and auger boring. We tunnel under buildings, roadways, rivers, and wetlands, bore through bedrocks, and drill for longline runs.


  Bore Length Capacity Bore Diameter Capacity
Directional Drilling Up to 5000 feet Up to 24 inches
Hammer Drilling Up to 750 feet Up to 24 inches
Pipe Bursting Up to 1000 feet Up to 18 inches
Auger Boring Up to 500 feet Up to 60 inches

Throughout our history we’ve maintained a dynamic, comprehensive service package and made the necessary equipment upgrades to remain current with all drilling applications and to be ready for any new opportunity.  Our capabilities keep pace with and often rival those of our largest competitors.  Today, Turner stands poised to take its drilling capacities to the next level which will result in even longer drilling runs, larger diameter bores and broader specialized capabilities.


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