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Our Mission

Turner is resolved in its mission to educate professionals in businesses and industries in the utility sector on the expanding array of benefits which can be derived from broader implementation of directional drilling into project workflows and the diversity of applications for which the technology can be employed.  The company remains committed to its application of cutting-edge industry advancements and procedures in the field and its investments into the latest drilling tools, technologies and equipment.  Turner will maintain its dedication for conducting all drilling operations to the highest industry safety standards and protocols at all job site and work environments.

Experience Matters!

Turner has worked for hundreds of GCs and specialty contractors across the northeast as well as most of the major gas companies in New York State.  Our reputation often precedes us.  We are known for the scope of drilling services we provide and a long list of project successes.  Customer referrals continue to be a primary aspect of company growth.

Our experience spans each of the major construction industry sectors.  Turner has broad experience drilling for the power industry at both electrical construction and natural gas transmission/distribution projects.  Additionally, we have worked at numerous wind farms and bored thousands of miles of installations for technology and communications customers including extensive fiber optics applications.  We regularly drill for the DOT, waterway, rail and airport transportation sectors, commercial and manufacturing industries, healthcare, entertainment, and hospitality markets, as well as higher education customers, government agencies and municipalities.

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