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HDD’s Role in Installing Electric Charging Stations

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HDD’s Role in Installing Electric Charging Stations




With the onset of the increase in electrical vehicles hitting the road and the growing popularity of vehicles like Tesla, we are seeing a growing need for electric charging stations in New York state.


Turner Underground was given the opportunity to be a part of the installation of the electric charging stations at Eastview mall located on Route 96 in Victor NY.  Horizontal Directional Drilling was chosen as a method because the company did not want to disrupt the existing parking lot in the installation of these electrical charging stations.


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In 2020, Governor Cuomo announced an initiative to provide more charging stations throughout New York state with his Evolve NY initiative. This initiative plans to build 200 charging stations in 50 locations by the year 2021.


Contact us today if you wish to install these innovative structures without disruption to the surrounding area. (link to contact page)