Ditch Witch JT30

New Equipment in Turner Underground’s Fleet

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New Equipment in Turner Underground’s Fleet.

Increasing equipment to meet the demand of the industry.

It is imperative we show up to the jobsite with the most capable equipment to fulfill the needs of our clients. Turner underground is committed to providing the best HDD service and to accomplish that, we need the best equipment.


The newest equipment in our fleet!

1 new ditch witch JT100

1 new ditch witch JT30



  • increase in equipment means Increase in crews and Increase in capacity for the work we can do.
  • Solidifies commitment to keep highly functioning equipment on the field

About the Ditch Witch JT100

  • Has a reputation for efficiency
  • 100,000 lbs of pullback and 12,000 lbs of torque
  • designed to be stable for steeper entry angles
  • specialy designed for long distances

Ditch Witch JT 100

Read more here https://www.ditchwitch.com/directional-drills/directional-drills/jt100

About the JT30

  • Has a reputation for power
  • 24,000 lb thrust, 30,000lbs of pullback force
  • designed to reduce operator fatigue and error
  • has an heavy duty anchor system
  • Higher horsepower drill that can operate in tighter spaces.

Ditch Witch JT30

Read more here https://www.ditchwitch.com/directional-drills/directional-drills/jt30