Project- National Grid Main

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Project Overview

What prompted the need for the service? National Grid’s (NG) proposed transmission line number E-21 replacement crossing beneath Stuyvesant Brook in Stuyvesant, New York. The existing line is exposed in the southern most channel and had to be replaced with a 12-inch steel gas main.

Who were the companies involved?

  • Client
  • National Grid
  • GC
  • JJ Mullen & Sons

What were specs of the job? horizontal directional drilling (HDD) a 1,700 feet of 12-inch steel gas main.

What challenges/obstacles occurred during? Workspace available on the north side of the crossing was very limited and required the 12-inch pull section be fabricated in a single segment, which will minimize downtime associated tie-in welds during pullback. Careful and creative planning had to be implemented to make best use of the limited available space to the west of the exit point.

Skills Utilized? Because of the subsurface condition, length of the bore, the required bore depth and existence of sensitive environmental conditions, Turner Underground Installation Inc. (TUGI) decided to utilize its newly acquired American Auger 440T Maxi Rig and MCS 1000 Reclaimer.

What was the ending outcome? completed 1,700 feet, 12 inch steel safely, on time and as planned.

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Project at a Glance


National Grid

Job Specs

1,700 feet of 12-inch steel gas main

Installation Type

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Equipment Used

American Augers 440T

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