Project- Globalfoundries

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Project Overview

What prompted the need for the service? National Grid secured approval to reinforce their natural gas pipeline network in the Capital Region to help meet the expanding energy demands at Globalfoundries.

About Global foundaries: Globalfoundries, a semiconductor fabricator with manufacturing plants in Singapore, Germany, California and New York, specializes in the high volume manufacture of integrated circuits. The company uses natural gas in their chip manufacturing processes to regulate the temperature of advanced purified water systems.

Who was the service for?

  • Client
    • National Grid
  • GC
    • Feeney Brothers Utility Services

What were specs of the job?
7000 linear feet of 12-inch steel pipe

Equipment: JT100

What challenges/obstacles occurred during? Mixed ground conditions, Rock. Physical terrain provided limited access for our equipment at times and presented several tight quarter staging.

What was the ending outcome? With the help of HDD, now Globalfoundaries has updated its natural gas pipeline. The expansion is meeting the energy demands of thousands of customers.

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Project at a Glance


National Grid

Job Specs

7000 linear feet of 12-inch steel pipe

Installation Type

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Equipment Used


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